Ceta-Base launched in December 2006 with the captive dolphin inventory called “Phin’ventory”.  The original site was the result of a decade of data collection into captive marine mammals, the industry and its animals.

Ceta-Base provides a more in-depth look at the whales, dolphins and porpoises that live in human care around the globe.  It is the only site that references multiple industry resources then compares those records against public sources such as newspaper articles, scientific papers and journals.

It is the goal of Ceta-Base to gather, analyze and present the data in an impartial format.  The data is presented as is, with no commentary on the issue of cetacean captivity.  While the staff of Ceta-Base does have their own opinions about captive marine mammals, the website is not meant to be a forum for either a pro-captivity or anti-captivity debate. Because Ceta-Base operates from a neutral platform, we consult and provide information to all organizations regardless of affiliation. This does not imply endorsement of those organizations.


The staff of Ceta-Base strives for accurate and up to date information however the data itself can be dynamic – in short, captive animals are transported, give birth or die. Your patience and understanding is appreciated when dealing with typos or other data that may be incorrect. Submitted information may be subject to independent verification or put on hold by request. If this is the case submissions may not appear on the website immediately.

In the event you find a typo or mistake please email Ceta-Base. Pictures and information may also be submitted via email.

Information submitted can be kept confidential if that is preferred and the admin of Ceta-Base will always respect conditions of anonymity or confidentiality of sources.

By its nature the database features a large number of photos. Whenever possible we have attempted to contact the original owner of the photograph for their permission and to correctly credit the photographer. If you see one of your photos displayed here and either want it removed or credited please email.

Any data presented on Ceta-Base is done so with the purpose of informing users so that they may formulate their own understanding of the information presented. Articles, papers, news and materials from both sides of the argument will be posted even if they do not necessarily reflect an opinion of the site administrator. Always be aware of the source when reading through the materials found on the website, though the site is neutral the materials presented here may not be.

Finally, the owner, admin and host of this website is not affiliated with any organization or marine park mentioned on this site.