Ceta-Base is dedicated to compiling the most extensive global record of whales, dolphins, porpoises and other marine mammals in captivity around the world. It is our goal to provide both current and historical documentation on captive marine mammals and to maintain access to that information through the website, cetabase.org. In addition to the website, Ceta-Base will administrate social media and author publications for distribution that further this goal.

The organization will provide access to this information while maintaining data in a relevant and easily accessible format for the general public, scientists, advocacy groups and interested individuals.

Our objectives involve:

  • Compilation of the most comprehensive electronic record of captive marine mammals in the world.
  • The responsible, unbiased administration and maintenance of this record in a way that fosters accuracy
  • Ongoing research of past and current events in order to provide a more thorough understanding of the history and practice of marine mammal display.
  • Data interpretation using professional background knowledge and insight acquired over 25,000 hours of research
  • Provisioning of the most current data available to interested parties or researchers, providing a platform for discussion of issues affecting captive marine mammals acquisition, transport and exchange, and welfare.
  • Provide assistance, consultation and/or support to individuals, organizations or NGOs with the goal to educate and provide accurate data wherever possible
  • Continual development of an active network of individuals who support the website and its objectives through the submission of information or pictures.


Ceta-Base serves both the scientific and general public by providing consultation and information in a responsive format. Our goal is to inform, inspire, and engage readers in a manner that benefits or advances transparency in regards to the health and welfare of marine mammals.